Built for Fighting special edition

The album Built for Fighting is available now in a limited transparent yellow vinyl edition. Click here


Latest EP: Thank You

Damian released the EP 'Thank You' on 11 October 2019, his 50th birthday. The EP features 5 songs arranged for piano, violin & cello and is available as 10" Vinyl + CD package, as well as digipak CD and on all major download and streaming platforms.
The EP, produced by Andrew Holdsworth, is Damian’s return to a more classical approach, recording with just piano and string orchestra, like Damian and Andrew did with Just The Way It Goes over 20 years ago. Order | Read more



Part of Me; a documentary

The 'Live in Zoetermeer' DVD set contained a bonus DVD with an interview in which 20 years of music were to be discussed. It actually became a very personal and lengthy conversation about how a series of tragic events led Damian to write 'Part of Me'.

The first and second pressing of the DVD have been sold out for a while now. Since there are no plans for a third pressing, we have decided to upload the interview on YouTube. Watch the full interview HERE

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Photo header: Jan de Wild